Privacy Policy

It is our policy to never explicitly share any information about you or your activities to third parties. Below are the specific details of how your testing information is handled by AnchorTest.

For the App

The best way for an app to keep your private data is to avoid handling it altogether.

We strive to do this whenever possible. Currently none of the code in the app access your Address Book, Calendar or Photos, except for those taken during testing. If this ever changes we will update this document to reflect what we access and why. It is our philosophy that the only reason an app should use your data is to make your life easier.

For the Cloud

Our cloud implementation uses Amazon S3 Servers. Any data gathered is subject to the Amazon's Privacy Policy.

The email address, which is used for cloud login, will remain completely private; we will never share or sell it to anyone, and only use it to reach you when we need to inform you of any important news and status updates such maintenance downtimes, critical updates and at license renewal times.

Location Data

AnchorTest can be allowed to collect the GPS coordinates of the testing. This is only optional and it requires user's permission in line with the privacy guidelines set forth by the iOS Platform.

This location data is used to display the location of testing using Google Maps Services and also to pull down the weather information at the given location and testing time to comply with common provisions of codes of practise for ground anchors, which list weather conditions one of the factors to consider whilst analysing test records. 

The location information also helps us make AnchorTest better so that we can stay up to date in which regions and areas the app is utilised. We also will use the stats in aggregate to work on new features, and may publish some data when we cross notable thresholds like “One millionth test synched!". We'd offer prizes, but since the data is anonymous we have no clue who synched it.

This Website and Our Newsletter

This website uses Google Analytics. Any data gathered is subject to the Google Privacy Policy. We can only view the analytics data in aggregate, and never see any personally-identifiable information.

If you sign up for our newsletter, we will store your email address in a database so we can send you updates. Your email address will remain completely private; we will never share or sell it to anyone. If you choose to unsubscribe your email address will be removed from the database completely.